Scraper Oil 15

Cookstown Dairy Services Ltd. in Cookstown, Ardee, Co. Louth, is one of the leading milking equipment suppliers in the North East & North of Ireland have been providing farmers with quality service for over 25 years. Cookstown Dairy Services Ltd. In-depth knowledge of Scraper Oil 15the industry allows them to provide expertise on services for the industry and with this expertise, we asked them to talk to us about their experience with Finol and our products.

Paddy Drumgoole, the Store Manager with Cookstown Dairy Services Ltd told us that We find that Finol’s Scraper Oil 15 is the best on the market, we have tried other hydraulic lubricants and none of them come near the quality of Finol’s.”

Finol Scraper Oil 15 is a very high-performance anti-wear hydraulic oil 15 designed for use in the hydraulic system of an automatic scraper. This top tier high viscosity oil comes with very high temperatures preventing the oil from boiling or bubbling in the hydraulic system, and also helps the oil perform in colder temperatures allowing for easy start-up at low temperatures. As a result of this wide temperature variation, regular operation of the oil is ensured in all seasons. Finol’s Scraper oil 15 high-quality additive pack and its high viscosity index ensure that the oil will not shear, thus preventing the scraper from shuddering and giving longevity to the oil pump. It also helps protects against wear, rust & corrosion ensuring maximum equipment life. Finol Scraper Oil 15 is suitable for use in all the leading manufacturer’s scrapers and meets all leading international specifications.

We would like to thank Paddy and all the team at Cookstown Dairy Services for taking the time to talk to us. Finol Scraper Oil 15 is available from Cookstown Dairy Services and for full availability throughout the country you can contact Finol for more information.

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