Fuel Economy Concept

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TOTAL have developed its Fuel Economy range of lubricants to meet the needs and requirements of business and private users wishing to improve the performance and lifespan of their vehicles while also reducing fuel consumption. 

Fuel Economy lubricants provide for more kilometres per litre of fuel, lower emissions providing for a more environmentally friendly engine & more protection for your engine with less wear. Total have created their Fuel Economy range with this in mind to meet the requirements of both businesses & the individual user wishing to protect and improve the lifespan of their engines while also reducing their fuel consumption, saving them money on their fuel bill.

TOTAL have designed a full Fuel Economy range to satisfy the needs of every type of vehicles (HGVs, Buses, Cars, Bikes etc.) and industrial machinery (agricultural, construction, etc.)

TOTAL Fuel Economy lubricants have been created in TOTAL’s laboratories where they have completed a whole series of testing & trials. Trials were carried out on entire fleets of vehicles and there where trials both in house in TOTAL’s laboratories and outside of TOTAL in independent laboratories & each time the results of Fuel Economy oils where proven and confirmed, reduction in fuel usage, excellent oil performance, improved engine performance & increased protection.

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