Designed to Protect the Environment

In today’s age, where we are increasingly aware of our environmental responsibilities, initiatives such as biodegradable, non-toxic or eco-friendly are ever present and can be found in every area of industry. In fact, these terms are becoming so prevalent, they have become defining terms and powerful selling terms in today’s market. Bio-lubricants have been designed to specifically for industries where there is a direct risk to the environment through areas such as accidental spills or leakages.

Currently, there are two methods that lubricant companies are dealing with environmental safety. The first of these is identifying a way in which the disposal of lubricants to the environment can be removed completely. The second is using environmentally safe products in sensitive industries such as agriculture, forestry, mining, marine,

What is a Bio-lubricant?

Bio-lubricants apply to all lubricants that are rapidly biodegradable and nontoxic to humans and aquatic environments. Bio-lubricants can be:

  • Vegetable oil-based (for example rape-seed oils)
  • Based on synthetic esters manufactured from modified renewal oils or from mineral-based oil products.

The Main Functions of Bio-Lubricants

  • Reducing mechanical energy losses
  • Reducing part wear due to friction
  • Protecting parts from corrosion
  • Lowering machine operating temperatures
  • Increased sealing
  • Prevents the need for removing ground contaminants.

What are the Advantages?

  • Bio-lubricants such as vegetable oils can be used when in their natural states.
  • Low toxicity
  • Excellent lubricity
  • High viscosity index
  • High flash point
  • Improved user safety
  • Increased equipment life
  • Lower evaporation and oil losses
  • Prevention of environmental pollution risk


When should a Bio-Lubricant be used?

Bio-Lubricants must be used in sectors where there is a potential risk to the environment. Certain activities which take place near water, mountains and forests where environmental are a particular focus where bio lubricants are concerned.

Biohydran TMP

BIOHYDRAN TMP is a biodegradable synthetic hydraulic fluid containing strong lubricating properties. This lubricant was designed for Total Red Oil Barrelthe stresses of demanding hydraulic systems requiring hydraulic fluids with reinforced anti-wear properties. It is highly recommended for use when incidental spillage in environmentally sensitive areas can occur, eg: forestry works, navigation, off-shore, water catchment areas, ski resorts, hydroelectric stations etc.…


  • Produced with renewable raw materials, BIOHYDRAN TMP is contributing to CO2-emission reduction.
  • High natural viscosity index gives BIOHYDRAN TMP a wide temperature operating window (-20°C to 80°C).
  • The very high shear stability of BIOHYDRAN TMP will ensure the hydraulic equipment is kept at an optimum efficiency during the fluid service life.
  • The good lubricating properties, as well as the very good wear and corrosion protection, will extend the life of the hydraulic system’s moving components

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