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Finol Oils is the leading supplier of premium, high-performance lubricants and services within the Irish market. Headquartered in DublinFinol Logo, we are the exclusive partner of Total, Elf and Fina, supplying highly technical and proven products for the Automotive, Commercial, Construction, Agricultural, Marine and Industrial markets. 2018 saw Finol integrate the Petro-Canada range of products into our already extensive product Portfolio. The introduction of these premium lubricants highlighting not only our growth in the Irish market but our commitment to providing world-renowned, premium products to our customers.

Founded in 1977, Finol has evolved from its beginnings in Broomhill Industrial estate to a highly successful, nationwide distributor with a diverse range of over 3,000 products and a reputation of quality, both in our products and services.

With over 40 years’ experience, our industry knowledge allows us to deliver a product and service that is unrivalled within this sector. This experience has helped to develop highly valuable and sought-after industry expertise and constant dependability to all of our customers.

Finol provides a technically unbeatable range of Total and Elf and Petro-Canada products, contact Finol today to learn more about these innovative and market leading lubricants.

AutomotiveAutomotive engine oil

Finol delivers modern, innovative and high-performance lubricants for the automotive industry, including the world-renowned Total Quartz and Elf Evolution range of engine oils. These engine oils are unrivalled in their performance and excellent engine protection and highlight Total’s commitment to developing lubricants that meet the needs of the future. We have also introduced the Petro-Canada Supreme range of high-quality PCMO engine oils. These products have been formulated using high-performance additive systems, ensuring your vehicle performs at the highest levels. We also provide the Glaself and Coolelf ranges of coolants and antifreeze, as well as a selection of gear oils and brake fluids.



Finol provides an extensive range of high technology lubricants dedicated to the agricultural sector including Total, Finol and Petro-Canada branded lubricants. We provide a comprehensive array of approved Total lubricants including the Tractagri range of engine oils, the Dynatrans transmissions range, the Multagri multi functional range, hydraulic system and special application lubricants.



As each Industry have their own specific requirements, Finol provide Total and Petro-Canada lubricants that are perfectly adapted to the environment in which you operate. Our extensive range of industrial lubricants includes the Carter and Enduratrex gear oil range, Equivis, Azolla and Hydrex hydraulic oils, Dacnis compressor oils, Seriola heat transfer oils, Drosera Slideway Oils and a vast Grease range to name just a few of our products. We also provide a wide range of high-quality turbine and rust preventative oils suitable for all your needs.


Commercial & Fleet

Finol offers a complete range of engine oils, transmission oils, greases, hydraulic systems, coolants and antifreeze for fleet/transport vehicles. Our innovative and cutting-edge products include the Total Rubia Tir range, a manufacturer approved engine oil that fully complies with ACEA, API and JASO specifications and the latest environmental demands of modern generation diesel engines. We have also introduced the PetroCanada Duron range, high-performance engine oils made providing exceptional protection when you need it most.


Construction & Public works

With productivity and reliability a key to success in this sector, Finol provides a full range of proven, industry-specific products that contain the essential international standards and approvals to help you achieve your goals. These products include the Rubia and Duron range of engine oils, the Dynatrans and Fluide ranges for transmissions, Equivis ZS and Azolla ZS range for hydraulic systems while also providing the Coolelf and Glaself ranges of coolants and antifreeze.


Food Grade Lubricantsfood grade operations

Total Nevastane is a range of greases and machinery oil specially designed for food processing and pharmaceutical industries. These NSF H1 certified products ensure consumer safety and protection in the event of accidental contact and are provided by Finol Oils for the Irish market. Whether it is reducing the risk of contamination or increasing equipment life, the Petro-Canada Purity range gives you the tools to improve efficiency, performance and providing peace of mind for your business.



Through the Total Aero Aviation oils, Finol Oils offer a complete range of lubricants for the general and civil aviation industry. All of our aviation lubricating oils meet international specifications and operate over a wide temperature range.


Maintenance & Care

Finol provides a wide range of products to meet your maintenance and care needs. From detergents/cleaning products, screen wash, sprays and de-icing salt, you will easily find a product suitable for your requirements.


Fuel Treatment SystemsActioil Diesel Treatment Packs

Actioil is a complete diesel fuel treatment that prevents and solves problems of moisture, gelling, fungus and bacteria build up. Contact Finol Oils today to find out more about this long life treatment.


Marine Lubricants

Total Caprano and Total Neptune are ranges of marine engine oils for commercial and leisure boats. These oils are suitable for both petrol and diesel engines, providing higher performance, consistent quality and a cleaner engine. Our marine lubricants ranges also include the Total Biohydran and Hydroflo CT hydraulic oils, Carter EP and Biotrans LS gear oils, and a wide array of greases, coolants and antifreeze.

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